About Me

Mollie Brotherton

Hi, my name is Mollie Brotherton and I am the creator of Terrain Vallonné.

Terrain Vallonné is French and roughly translated means the undulating land. What I love about this region where I live is the changes in season, the shifting variations in the colour of the land, the rolling hills and ancient woodland as well as the hedgerows full of wild plants and flowers.

The medium of clay provides the perfect material in which to express my thoughts and ideas about the wonder of the wildness around us.        

Every piece is hand built using a variety of techniques but slab building is core. I impress rolled clay with plants, found objects and blocks that I have carved by hand, cut and then assembled. Colours are applied in many layers using slips, liquid wax and paper as resist and then oxides to enhance textures and plant forms. All my work is made from grogged stoneware and fired to 1260°c.


grey and gold detail

I have been working with clay since I graduated in 1997 and I have exhibited widely throughout Europe. My work is held in many collections worldwide and is available to buy both on-line and in many galleries and boutiques, please see the list of stockists or you can use the contact page to talk to me directly.


If you are interested to know more about my work and thoughts please visit my facebook page, pinterest page, instagram or twitter feed, all the links are below.